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Cross-dresser of All Trades
United States
Favourite genre of music: Foreign rock and pop, 50s and 60s rock and pop, Broadway Musicals, Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Realism
Operating System: OS 10.6.8
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Wallpaper of choice: Currently: Sailor Moon Crystal


Delight and Darkness by michi-no
Delight and Darkness
Sketch I did a while ago that I finally finished up and coloured. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :)
Once gain, this is Erik/Phantom of the Opera and Christine Daae and neither of them belong to me, though I delight in drawing them!
Midnight Walk by michi-no
Midnight Walk
Just some Tegaki-E Scarecrow/Hatter slash I did when I rediscovered my account there. I really think the only way I'll make a journal is if it's a drawing one, so I think I'll try to update it more often. 
I'd like to think that Jonny here is getting up to some mischief with Jervis, post-heist. 
But, this picture came about when I decided to use some of the "new" outfits that brass-kettle and I devised for our Jonny and Jervis, which can be seen here. The outfits are Tim Sale for Scarecrow and the Gotham Central version of the Hatter. And it didn't occur to me until I watched the old Disney Alice in Wonderland but Jervis's colour scheme is soooo close to the Disney Hatter's!

Maybe next time I'll draw them as the Disney Hatter and Hare. :)
Riddles and Rabbits by michi-no
Riddles and Rabbits
Just a little drawing I did a loooong time ago back when I was using my Tegaki-E account with regularity. 
Just some Riddler and Hatter art.
An angry Jervis is a scary Jervis. 
Dancing with Death by michi-no
Dancing with Death
A Phantom/Christine picture I did a while ago. All markers and I used a dance picture reference which I subsequently lost. I loved making this and it turned out just right. Maybe someday I'll colour it? 
Dusty the Virtual Raccoon by michi-no
Dusty the Virtual Raccoon
Even in a steampunk world, someone's got to like virtual reality better than real life. So here's Dustin, a 6'3" serious-faced, lanky 26-year-old who just wants to look cute and fluffy. That's where RealiDream comes in, a virtual reality gaming universe that connects people from different species, planets and backgrounds. Most importantly, you can look however you like. 
But something went wrong when Dustin's profile locked and his controls wouldn't work in-game. The next thing he knows, he's on a private server with another player who thought they were buying a special NPC. What's worse, Dustin can't figure out how to log off now: he's stuck.

(Swear to god this is nothing like .Hack. XD)
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Just the Other Side of Pain - Jill Tracy
  • Reading: It's called "Static" X3
  • Watching: My Sanity fly out the window.
  • Eating: Imaginary Breakfast
  • Drinking: Nuffin'
THEIR INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out these questions and make a new note called "ABC About You." Then tag 2-5  people. If you got tagged by me, you have to take this survey and  repost  it! Don't forget to tag me because I want to know more about you!
MY INSTRUCTIONS: stole this from brass-kettle ! X3 I hate tagging people. It's annoying and no one ever does it, so blah. Do it if you want? (That's what he said?)

A - AVAILABLE:  So utterly taken, it's almost an abduction. :heart:
B - BIRTHDAY:  Not today. Today is my UNBIRTHDAY! :D!
C- CRUSHING ON:  ffft. Batman villains?
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Orange Soda. This is weird for me.
F - FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT:  Diabolical Streak by Jill Tracy. Take a listen. If it creeps you out, my job here is done. XD
H - HOMETOWN: Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, where the hope of freedom was kept alive by the rebel alliance... wait... what was the question?
I - IN LOVE WITH:  LARPING done right. (this was brass-kettle's answer and I have to concur viciously! XD)
K - KILLED SOMEONE:  with laughter? X3
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: From here to visit a friend when I was still learning how to drive. It had to have been about six hours. Or maybe it just felt that way. O.o;
M - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR:  Jamocha! Or banana. :3! ... or strawberry! I'M NOT INDECISIVE! ... or am I? o.o;
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS:  Oh god. How do I count? Six? Yeah. Six half siblings. Does that mean I only have three whole?  XD
O - ONE WISH:  to make my lady as happy as she deserves to be. :heart:
R - REASON TO SMILE:  My Lady. X3 (and all the terrible things we say/do/think)
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD:  Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy (I'm on a Jill Tracy kick, alright? XD;;; )
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP:  Which time? I woke up sometime around three, sometime around seven and then sometime around eight thirty. o.o;
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR:  Purple. :3 I am cloaked in the colour of mysteryyyyy~! XD!
V - VEGETABLE(S):  I like broccoli and cheese, please. 8D!
W - WORST HABIT:  Picking at my scabs. This results in a lot of unnecessary scars. XD;
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD MOST RECENTLY:  gods... when... whenever it was that I sprained my ankle? When I was, like... twelve?
Y - YOU ARE:  Crazy, spastic, silly, optimistic, persistent, hard-working, lazy, annoying and a little terrible in ways only my Lady gets to know. ;3
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Last day of Pisces. Does that mean I have a little bit of Ares in me?
Random Questions About You
Spell your name without vowels:  Wldn't Y Lke t Knw?
Your favorite number(s):  4 and 17. And most things divisible by 4. o.o I'm strange. ^^;;
What color do you wear most:  Rainbow~! :D! I have three sets of rainbow gloves~! X3 <3
Least favorite color:  puke green.
What are you listening to:  The silence in my room. Doesn't happen often. :3
Are you happy with your life right now:  As long as I have my Lady, I know there's a lot to be happy about. :3 :heart:
What is your favorite class in school:  Tie between Art (Usually 'drawing') and Writing (lately: Creative Non-Fiction!)
Who are your best friend(s): My Lady (brass-kettle), Arrn, Dan, Tricia
When do you start back at school/college:  Haha! Already did!
Are you outgoing?:  Umm... in what way? o.o;
Favorite pair of shoes: ... I miss my chucks. :(
Can you dance:  If by dancing, you mean flailing my arms unconvincingly, then yes.
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth: I've done it before, but it takes me a while to do it. :3
Can you whistle:  Yessum, but not very well. I'm much better at whistling and humming at the same time to make an alien space-ship noise. :D
Write with both hands?:  Yes, but it takes me longer with my left. I can draw with both hands too, if you give me some time. X3
Cross your eyes:  Yes, but I don't like to, it hurts. >.< owie!
Walk with your toes curled:  Honestly? I've never tried. o.o;
Do you believe there is life on other planets:  Probably. :3 There's life on this one, so there's probably life on others.
Do you believe in miracles: Define miracles? You could choose to believe something is miracle if you'd like.
Do you believe in magic:  More than I let on.
Love at first sight:  Curiosity at first sight. Interest at proximity. Love in time.
Do you believe in Satan:  Um. Does he need me to believe in him? I wasn't aware that was an option? o.o;
Do you believe in Santa:  HAIL SANTA! XD
Do you know how to swim: Like a FEESH! :D!
Do you like roller coasters:  Yes, plz. I used to be scared of them, but then I discovered why adrenaline is amazing. XD
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows:  What reality shows? o.o Why would anyone watch those when they've got reality right here?
Have you ever been on a plane:  Yessum. Twice. Well. Three times if you count the return flight.
Have you ever asked someone out:  Yes. :3 With a comic page, even. :heart:
Have you ever been asked out by someone:  Yeah. Mostly people it didn't work with.
Have you ever been to the ocean:  Supposedly when I was an itty bitty baby. I don't remember it.
Have you ever painted your nails:  Yes. I don't do it very often.
What is the temperature outside:  Ohio. 'Nuff said.
What radio station do you listen to:  For a while I was listening to this interesting classical station that had program about etymology on it! :D I don't remember what it was... o.o;;
What was the last restaurant you ate at:  Panera Bread... the land of delicious~! :D!
What was the last thing you bought:  Shampoo, headbands, and surprise for Jonathan Crane. X3
What was the last thing on TV you watched:  NCIS. It's on t.v. when I get home from work. Usually my parents have already eaten and they're in the family room, watching t.v. I don't like to eat alone, so I eat in there with them. :3
Who was the last person you IM'd: ffft. brass-kettle, who else? X3
Who was the last person you took a picture of: Does my leg count? It's part of me, and I'm a person. o.o; I think...?
Who was the last person you said I love you to:  My ladylady. :3 :heart:
Ever really cried your heart out: Yeah.
Ever cried yourself to sleep: Mmph.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder:  More than I wish I had.
Ever cried over the opposite sex:  A couple times, when I was still in middle school and was trying to be straight? XD;
Do you cry when you get an injury:  I used to. Not so much anymore. It takes a lot of physical pain for me to tear up.
Do certain songs make you cry:  Yeah. That GODDAMN Christmas Shoes song. I swear to GOD, that song was DESIGNED to make you start bawling!
Are you a happy person:  generally. xD ...what just ONE question for the happy section and six for the sad section?! fuck you! (this answer had all of what I wanted to say in it so I just decided that Lady said it best. XD; Forgive me for being a lazy shit)
What is your current hair color:  Back to dirty blond, I think?
What shirt are you wearing: My "R.T.F.M" shirt. Read the "Fabulous" Manuel. (As though you don't know the "F" stands for "Fucking". XD)
Pants: Pajama shorts? Pink with stars on them? They're the girliest thing I own. XD
Shoes:  Barefoot! :D
Necklaces:  Dun wear necklaces to bed! :P
Underwear:  Uhh... purple? Didn't we already discuss this? You got some kind of preoccupation with my undies? O.o;
IN A BOY/GIRL (this entire section is so superficial I just gave up being serious. XD)
Favorite eye color: Purple.
Short or long hair:  Chicken.
Height:  Your mom?
Been in jail:  In Monopoly? I did not pass go, I did not collection $200. :c
Mooned someone:  On a dare from my cousin when I was like... ten. I mooned the street. My mother was not happy with this situation.
Tried to commit suicide: Not really. I've whined about not wanting to live but nothing's ever pushed me far enough. There's always something worth living for. :3
Laughed so hard, you cried:  XD Thanks to brass-kettle? Nearly every goddamn day! :heart:
Cried in school: Yeah. Mostly in the bathrooms. Like the wimp I am.
Thrown up in a store:  I don't puke. Not in a store, not on a whore, on in a box or with a fox! I do not puke, Sam I am!
Wanted to be a model:  Of a modern major general? X3 .... No.
Seen a dead body: ... not that I know of? O.o;
Been on drugs:  I consider my girlfriend a drug. Does that count? X3
Gone skinny dipping:  I... can't remember? I have this vague recollection of skinny dipping with my cousin at my grandparents house... but... I don't know if I dreamed it. It was a long time ago. o.o;
Pepsi or Coke:  Tea.
McDonalds or Burger King:  TEA.
Single or Group Dates:  TEAAAAAAAAA!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Swirly cone, MOTHA FUCKA! X3
Strawberries or Blueberries:  YES. But mostly strawberries. And bananas.
Meat or Veggies:  Bread? :3
TV or Movie:  Depends on what?
Guitar or Drums:  Vocals! :D
Adidas or Nike: I don't care? I don't wear tennishoes?
Chinese or Mexican: You kiddin'? I eat so much chinese food, I'm surprised I haven't turned into a plate of mango chicken.

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